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Feb 5, 2019

An announcement regarding the future of the show. 

Hi all,

So this is just a quick update to explain a little about the podcast, so that I don't just vanish without trace entirely.

Autocracy Now! was the first show idea I had, way back at the end of 2016. I'd been a podcast fan for many years, and finally just decided...

Jan 23, 2019

Could Huey Long's personality, travelling-salesman charm, and Share Our Wealth populism catapult him into the White House?

In this episode, we find out.



Jan 13, 2019

The good people of the United States Senate were not prepared for Huey P. Long.



Jan 2, 2019

“I would rather go down to a thousand impeachments than admit that I am the Governor of the state that does not dare to call the Standard Oil company to account so that we can educate our children and care for the destitute, sick, and afflicted.”  

Huey called mass rallies, warning his supporters to “beware...

Dec 20, 2018

In 1928, Huey Long was riding high. He'd beaten all opposition and achieved the second step in his life-plan. Get elected to minor public office, check. Get elected to the Governorship, check. There's little doubt given everything we know about him that he was already angling for a seat in the Senate - although in his...